Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Question and Answer

Thank you for sending me your question about sushi and vegetable carving through e-mail and comment on this blog.

This time I'ld like to answer some of your Questions.

Q1,about sushi cake.
Do you cut them into slices or do they come apart like individual rolls?
A :Yes
I or customers cut the sushi cake into pieces like below.
8-10 peaces...It's up to you!

Do you incorporate any sauce to act as frosting?
not especially. When you eat.. I recommend just soy sauce because
I want you to taste it simple way.
Sushi rice and seafood...as it is the taste of nature.

Q2. Could you please explain the steps and equipements used for 
making each item (of vegetable carving)?

A: Here is some example.
It looks likely difficulty If you look at the finished photo, but it is not to difficult to do it little by little.

you need to prepare a small and thin knife.
I use my own Japanese traditional knife,

but you can use the knife for fruit carving knife too.
You can find this one at any place , I think.

first of all, I will cut Daikon into round slices to about 8cm.
then I draw a draft of the rabbit.

Then, along the picture wrote, to cut the depth.

To cutting the corners of all, try to make them rounds.

Then, Then the front, back side cut corners in the same way.

Complete!   All you need is practice practice and practice!!


Q. I heard that near Lake Biwa in Japan there is trdition to prepare sushi using comon carp meat. 
Do you know If common carp sushi would be good and taste?

A: I think you are mentioning about , "FUNAZUSHI"
it is a Crucian carp sushi.
It is a traditional food to make a special recipe from more than 1000 years ago.

I never try to make this sushi but here is the step.

/put a lot of salt on the fish and leave them on 3 month.
 /wash and clean(take the scale) the fish
/put the rice a lot on and around fish
/then leave them for few more month for let them fermentation.

I found the video. it's run by Japanese subtitle but you'll see how to make.
youtube--- FUNAZUSHI

as you can see, to make this sushi, I think you need a lot of fish at once and 
need experience.

I hope this will help for you guys!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Autumn has come!

The summer was very hot here in Osaka.....but
Now is september and feels like an agreeable season has come!

I made a lot of sushi cake in this summer.
Let me introduce some of them.

I use a lot of time to make each one...I always try to make sushi cake
as wonderful gift for the customer.

Birthday present who loves the baseball.
the ball made by squid and nori.
The cap and uniform were made by vegetables.

Premium sushi cake.

The Birthday present for kids Who loves this animation.

This was my friend's order who own his wine shop.

I carved himself with carrot and sweetpotato looking at his picture on iphone.

if you are living in Kyoto area and if you look for the wonderful wine......
visit his wine shop!!
Carve tanakaya

This is  sushi cake for take-out.

This was an order from company of company of car auction.

Birthday gift from the lady to her father.

It was a gift for the person who loves one's dog.
and more....

Let me say , Congratulations everyone, and thank you so much!

When I make a sushi cake for special order,  the price is become higher, but
I think good surprise for the guest for sure.

Visit my shop  if you live in Japan!  Minayoshi' s Sushi Cake

Sunday, July 06, 2014

The way of thinking about Sashimi

I sometimes make large Sashimi plate.
I use a lot kind of fish for this plate.
Let's look at one by one. 

  I served Halkbeak in two ways.

you can watch larger pic when you click below, if you like :).

This is a Turban shell.
I served part of a meat  for raw.
I boiled liver and also boiled shell because of sanitation.

Next, let's look at Main fish....Maguro(tuna) and salmon.

The picture of above is amberjack,
below is Maguro.

Salmon and ikura(salmon roe).

This is called "hamo"(sharp toothed ell).
It is well known as a fish of summer.

This fish has a lot of small bone so We need to cut bone finely in this way.
We call this work "Honekiri"

Then we boild just a second, and put into ice water for let it cool.
please taste this with plum meat.

and last....Here is very beautiful fresh sea bleam. 
It was very fresh and hard so I cut into thin sliced.

I always try to decorate them just like when they were in the sea.
We'll return them to the plate of a sea.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's a wonderful small world in vegetable carving 2

It is a series of small vegetable carving "no.2"
I hope you enjoy them :)

Here are handy piano and chairs made with sweet potato and zucchini.

The books of pumpkin.....

It is a stuffed animal made with pumpkin.

Frog of cucumber

Sweet potato crane with pumpkin tires.

100% Carrot power shovel.

Veggie truck

The rabbit of carrot and sweet potato 

Those small vegetable carvings are for sushi cake(the photo below).

Which one was your favorite?
Thank you for watching :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sushi cake

Last month, I have made over 30 sushi cake.
Let me introduce some of my recent item.

This is orthodox sushi cake for a Birthday!

With construction site of vegetables.

Pokemon style

with Cute character!

For dog lover!

monhan for my friends.

For two handsome guys!

I would like to thank the wonderful delivery system of Japan
because it is possible to deliver to various parts of Japan in refrigerated!

If you live in Japan, and if you looking for a surprise gift...
that is why I am here!   ................  minayoshi's sushi cake

Sunday, May 04, 2014

May the 4th be with you!!

Today is  Star Wars Day!!

I've been making so many "Star Wars "vegetable carving since 2005.
The character that I made most is R2D2 of course!

I collect them for May the 4th  :)
I made those for my friends and myself.
Thank you all of my friend in Japan, america, and all over the world!

Carrot ( actually this was my first star wars vegetable carving)

sweet potato


Daikon candle 

Daikon with food color

Ice carving !  
eh......well, I agree it went melt so soon...

Daikon R2 with Carrot Jawa


Daikon R2-D2 with his lovely tools

carrot R2 and Daikon R5D4

Those are my memorial R2 and R4 which I made in  Celebration 6!!
I made R4(left) at Star Wars University.
I made R2(middle) and C3-PO at the fan booth.
Mr.Anthony took picture with this C3....it was wonderful memory.

(found this picture at The Scrappy Jedi . Thanks for the article!)

Celebration 6 was one of my most wonderful experience of my life.
I did a demonstration for one hour at the Star Wars University.

This was our booth.

I made a lot of vegetable Star Wars carving for 4 days.

by the way, Are you going to Celebration 7?
Me? Yes  I'm planning to go there too!!
I wish we could have a booth and panel again and
I wish I could meet my friends!!

Here is the last one today.
one day, I Put  tires on him. 

I made his  body with Daikon,
and I made tires with sweet potato.(because they are more solid than Daikon)


May the 4th be with you!