Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim~ Booth and Panel

As I wrote this before, We were allowed to have our own booth at Celebration Anaheim. (Aplil 16-19, 2015 in Anaheim Convention Centre CA)

Our Fan booth "The Jedi Order Japan" 's number is decided..... in 428!

Here are what we'll do:
/ Live and Display Star Wars Vegetable Carving
/Display of Yuki's paper cutout
/Display of Takahiro's  Cube puzzle
/Takae's eraser stamp
/movie and slideshow of our fan activity
and more!

We had our table  3 years ago in Celebration Orlando.
I'm proud of our team and glad to be back again!!

I'm also allowed to dp the Fan Panel of Star Wars University
Sunday April 19th 13:00~14:00.

Here are the curriculum:
/introducing the Idea of how to enjoy Star Wars with cuisine!
/show the pictures of my Star Wars vegetable carving which
I've been created.
/introducing our Star Wars Fan community in Japan.
You may watch their wonderful costumes and lightsaber arts!

I think My panel is the only food category in more than 100 panels.
I could have this opportunity because of my friends.

I admit I'm luck in practice but I'll do my best to explain about
the Art of Star Wars vegetable carving!

The website of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is here .

I'm sorry for my customers for closing our restaurant for one week.
but this is wonderful opportunity...I'm honored and do my best!

Hope to see you in Anaheim!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Star Wars celebration in Anaheim

If you are a Star Wars Fan, You've already know that the Star Wars Celebration will be held Anaheim this year of April 16-19th.

Yes, I'll be back the Celebration again!
This time, I'm going there with the other members of
Japanese SW Fan club "Jedi Order Japan" same as last time.

We're allowed to have our own Fan Table again!
--Here's the official website of Celebration Anaheim.

Here are what we're going to do at our booth this year.
/ Introducing Jedi Order Japan's activity.
/Demonstration of my Star Wars vegetable Carving.
/Introducing of Yuki's wonderful paper art.
(Those pictures are from last Celebration.)

Although it is not officially announced ,but I hope I can do the  presentation of "Star Wars vegetable carving 2"just like last Celebration.

I'm sorry for my customers for taking a long holiday..but 
This will be a wonderful experience I mean it!

I Hope to see you in Anaheim!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Bento

We make bento.
By using the ingredients of each season,
also put your sushi in because I'm sushi chef!

Hope you can taste them someday!

Monday, November 10, 2014

First time experience

I did a sale for the first time sushi outdoors.

We get participated National food contest in November 1st and 2nd.
We made sushi and sold it from inside of kitchen car.

1st day was raining.
Actually I drove a car of 8 hours in the middle of the night to Tokyo and
after we arrive, we had to start work without any sleep so
the 1st day was pretty tired lol.

but 2nd day was very good weather and We sold ok.

We sold this kind of old style "Osaka sushi(box sushi)"

and roll sushi.

My mother and I were keep making sushi all the time, 
and my wife , kids and my  cousin and her girlfriend also helped.

It was a most biggest challenge this year for our family.

also,My SW friends who lives in Tokyo visited our booth,
It was great meeting with them!!!!

I brought my vegetable carving and decorate them.
Seems like customer enjoyed veggie art too!

Goodbye Tokyo......See you next time!!
Thank you for my friends.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Vote for National local food contest.

In Tokyo, there will be held a food contest, "Jibamon Kokumin Taisyou" means the National local food award." in November 1st and 2nd.

This time, Our Sushi cake has been selected as district representative of the Kinki area!!
24 products have been nominated from all over Japan.

Osaka Sushi is a traditional local  sushi in Kinki area.
Actually, Osaka Sushi exists from ancient times than nigiri sushi

You make sushi using this kind of boxes.
Therefore, it is called " Hako(box) sushi" also.

Put the fillets of fish, then put the rice, and press from the top of the lid.
Then took of  the sushi from the box.

I arranged this "hako sushi" into the shape of a cake.
That is why I named this sushi cake as "Osaka Sushi Cake"

Therefore, "Osaka Sushi Cake" is a sushi that the old and new fation!!

I prepare a lot of ingredients for this sushi cake.
/see bream
/salmon for gravlax
/shari (rice)

Now the web vote opened at the special site below until oct.27th.

There are a  facebook"like"button underneath on each dishes.

please click "like" if you find your favorite dish....
and my sushi cake!
Thank you!

vote at website in  "Jibamon kokumin taisyou"(national local food award)

Monday, October 06, 2014

Osaka piece tower

My work showed on in part of  TV program "OSAKA Honwaka TV" (which means..let's say... OSAKA Relax TV)
I have made a lot of vegetable carving.

I have made a main personality "master Jinpachi".

I made him with sweet potato  from his picture.

I made sushi cake too!!! but this wasn't show up on tv.
but TV crew took a wonderful picture, so let me put this on here.

This is the main vegetable carving! I name it "the OSAKA peace tower".
the Pumpkin in Japan is very hard.
That is why I used the saw to slice them in 4 pieces.

I made small parts and build them on pumpkin
just like the picture below.

1st level : 2 elephants (sweet potatos)

2nd level : 3 swans (kyo-potatos)

3rd level:  3 hearts (red(pink) daikon)

They are the symbol of peace and happiness,
That is why I build them.

on the top...... yes, it's phoenix!!
made with carrot.

In order to make the intervals of work these,
I do not know the exact production time....
but I guess I need ten ours for this.

Thank you everyone!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Question and Answer

Thank you for sending me your question about sushi and vegetable carving through e-mail and comment on this blog.

This time I'ld like to answer some of your Questions.

Q1,about sushi cake.
Do you cut them into slices or do they come apart like individual rolls?
A :Yes
I or customers cut the sushi cake into pieces like below.
8-10 peaces...It's up to you!

Do you incorporate any sauce to act as frosting?
not especially. When you eat.. I recommend just soy sauce because
I want you to taste it simple way.
Sushi rice and it is the taste of nature.

Q2. Could you please explain the steps and equipements used for 
making each item (of vegetable carving)?

A: Here is some example.
It looks likely difficulty If you look at the finished photo, but it is not to difficult to do it little by little.

you need to prepare a small and thin knife.
I use my own Japanese traditional knife,

but you can use the knife for fruit carving knife too.
You can find this one at any place , I think.

first of all, I will cut Daikon into round slices to about 8cm.
then I draw a draft of the rabbit.

Then, along the picture wrote, to cut the depth.

To cutting the corners of all, try to make them rounds.

Then, Then the front, back side cut corners in the same way.

Complete!   All you need is practice practice and practice!!


Q. I heard that near Lake Biwa in Japan there is trdition to prepare sushi using comon carp meat. 
Do you know If common carp sushi would be good and taste?

A: I think you are mentioning about , "FUNAZUSHI"
it is a Crucian carp sushi.
It is a traditional food to make a special recipe from more than 1000 years ago.

I never try to make this sushi but here is the step.

/put a lot of salt on the fish and leave them on 3 month.
 /wash and clean(take the scale) the fish
/put the rice a lot on and around fish
/then leave them for few more month for let them fermentation.

I found the video. it's run by Japanese subtitle but you'll see how to make.
youtube--- FUNAZUSHI

as you can see, to make this sushi, I think you need a lot of fish at once and 
need experience.

I hope this will help for you guys!