Wednesday, October 04, 2017

How to make Japanese vegetable carving

Hi,Ho's going Everyone? It's been long time no see. I just made a video to introduce how to make my vegetable carvings on Youtube.  I hope I can keep continuing but let's see..😅 Please do it at home when you have time!

→     Oki's vegetable carving Part1

Saturday, July 22, 2017

My recent work

I haven't update my blog for 2 month.. on my gosh!!
I've been working various ways...same as always.

Sushi cake 

I made a champagne bottle and Pegasus as I requested.

 It is a normal sushi cake called "Jewelry Box"

I made six different sushi cake for the party of the company.

Sushi for delivery

Morning market

Sushi lessons

Now we have Tripadviser page!! →→ Minayoshi cooking school

Vegetable carving

I spent two hours for cleaned the duct.
In Osaka, temperature is over 35 degrees and my kitchen is not
enough to reach the air conditioner... so it was too hot!!

I went to the international museum to visit  Tower of Babel exhibition.
It was really great!!

Thank you for visiting!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Marine day

Today is a national holiday "Marine day"!
so why don't you have sushi of Uni instead of Umi(sea in Japanese) 

Thursday, May 04, 2017

May The Fourth be with you~SWCO was just awesome!

May The Fourth be with you everyone!

I attended the Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017( Ap 13-16th).
and this was my 4th Star Wars Celebration(Celebration Japan,Orlando, Anaheim and Orlando).

I'm a fan of Star Wars since I was around 12 years old.
I went to the theater TFA for 8 times, Rogue one also 8 times.
I can't count how many times I watched all episode..

There are many way for enjoying Star Wars. Someone loves plastic models, novels, build the light saber, build a robot, of course costume play(me too) etc..

In my main fan activity is Star Wars vegetable carving!
During the Celebration, I've stayed in our booth" Jedi Order Japan" and carved Star Wars vegetable carving for most of time.

Here's our booth. There is a man standing in the middle..He is our friend "Shuhon-san"  from the Rebel legion Japan Base.
looks so cool!, isn't he!? :)

Jedi Order Japan is a Fan club where people love the Star Wars gather.
In Celebration this year, we displayed our handmade SW items such as

Takahiro's Cube

Yuki's Papercutting art (Yuki's web page )

We gave full power for 4 days!!

I started to carve the vegetable into a Star Wars since 2005 when I met my friends.
Every time We have a meeting at my place, I made different vegetable carving...that means I've been in this fight since I was 33 years old!

In Orlando, My operation started from buying a vegetable at  the supermarket!

at first ,I thought I bought too many.. but used all of them after all.

Actually this was our 3rd time of celebration in USA, so we have many good friends there. Seeing with them again is also one of our purpose!!

We've been in friends since the last Orlando.

We were so happy to have Mairo-san who is the reader of 501 Japanese garrison!

I met Stuart-san few month ago in Japan, and we meet again inOrlando!

They are so cute and great costumer. 
We've met all three Star Wars Celebrations!
Their parent is a great R2-builder and this year..they bring new one..Chopper!! that was amazing!

We are so glad to met them again!
Hope to see next time too!

On Saturday, I had a presentation at Star Wars University(Fan panel).
I was so happy that my panel was announced at blog of!

and... the panel was just awesome!
Star Wars fan are so great and All the SW fan in the room were united!
It was my 3rd time of class so I wanted to add our history of Mukimono and Japanese food.

My English isn't good enough to explain everything but we had wonderful time!

After the class, there are so many people who were in the class visited to our booth to say hi...I was moved!!
I miss all of them now. If you find me on Facebook please let me in your lists!

They are the cutest droid I've ever met!

They are so cool!

She an her mother were so kind! Thank you for enjoyed my panel.

Thank you all for the wonderful words!

It was great meeting you Paul and your son at the in front of ANA!

Thank you so much for everyone who were in the room!

On the last day of Sunday, I was invited to the Star Wars Show Stage which qa very honored!!
I finished making Star Wars show Yoda and Rancor at the stage.
I was little nervous first but It was so much fun after all!

StarWars Show live Day 4 (my part)

Thank you for wonderful host , Anthony!

Thank you so much Dana!
Her interview for Mike Quinn was awesome!

I carved  totally I made a 15 carvings for 4 days but 
1 piece missing from this picture.......

That's because.....
You can find my Yoda at Youtube video on the The Star Wars Show
I've been watching the show every week and..
Surprisingly,I'm also on the video just a!

Well, I just can't write all the story what happen in 4days ...

We had an interview from podcast "Blast Point".
They visited my panel too... they are so friendly and interview was so much fun!

I also had an interview from Chicago tribune. 
He visited our booth twice.. thank you so much!

My last guest was Nathan.Thank you!

Our next door was the group who build the big, real, Millennium Falcon!
The Falcon was very cool!! so was people!!!!

and Mary-san.. I've been knowing her since the Star Wars Celebration Japan.
She is always my hero.
I'm so happy that I could meet her again.

There are still so much to talk about!!
All I can say.... the Star Wars Celebration is awesome!
It is a best place to meet Star Wars family.

On the way fly back to Japan,We met a group who was at my panel.
It was great meeting you!

At last , Thank you for everything who I met at Star Wars Celebration!

The Saga continues..

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Osaka Shouhin Keikaku & My New Sushi Cake

I've been participating "Osaka Shouhin Keikaku" which is  operated by Osaka Prefecture.
"Osaka Shouhin Keikaku" is a project to send good product from Osaka to all over Japan.
To enhance the charm of Osaka, to make Osaka more exciting..
I'm a 3rd term student and totally 15 companies and stores are participating for this organization.

We got a lot of advice from wonderful teachers and staffs,we helped each other,
and we helped each other..
Then we produced our new items.

My new item is of course ...SUSHI CAKE!
This time I chosen sea eel from Osaka sea.

I cooked sea eel with red wine, suger and soy sauce.
After 20 minute, took out sea eel from a pot.
I make a round shaped pressed sushi using cooked sea eel.

Keep boiling the stock until it become dark, and thick..
and put some agar.
and the sauce is complete.

Then, pour sauce on the sushi over and over.

When it become cooler.  finish!!

It looks like chocolate cake isn't it?

Coming Feb 1st -3rd,I will participate in a Tokyo international gift show to be held at Tokyo Bigsite.
(I'll stay only 1st day and leave my display then have to come back to Osaka for my restaurant)

I'll be there with my colleagues of "Osaka Shouhin Keikaku" and show my new sushi cake to buyer and seller.
I'm looking forward to it!!

>>>> Tokyo International Gift Show

Monday, October 03, 2016

Vegetable Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence)

I Love "Godzilla"!!
It is not only because this monster was born in Japan, but also
this monster has a high potential.

I went to see this movie with my son last week and we quit liked it!!
We also went to see the Godzilla 2 years ago which was directed by Gareth Edwards.
Actually we enjoyed that one also!

I know that the monster called "the Godzilla" gives off totally different character by the intention of the maker.

I don't want to explain about this movie a lot because I'm not sure when this movie start in overseas.
Well, let's talk about this after you watched!

until then, Please enjoy my vegetable Godzilla.

First of all, peel the skin and make a different parts such as body, tale, arms, hands, fins and more.

Oh I used 6 sweet potatoes this time by the way.
in the movie , that was a biggest  Godzilla compare with all past movies.
therefore I tried to make it bigger!

This is not bananas.. it is a tail...:)

Make a fins one by one ....

and put them  into his body with bamboo needle
I don't want to use glue because those are still food.

Now, lets make eyes with peppers.
I look for pepper of the best form for the eyes.

Then I dig the small hole into it.


Here is a Movie of  "Veggie Godzilla".

Don't miss it!  (lol)

Thank you for visiting. 

I recommend the Godzilla Resurgence of course!